Rainy Friday

By Jack Martin on Mar 02, 2018 at 03:56 PM

Good morning,

Rain has arrived, and it is a nice steady rain. Rain has been on the lighter side along the coast. Most areas have seen less than 1/2 an inch so far, but San Marcos pass has seen 3.25 inches.


Take a look at the rain total on the central coast, over 7 inches in areas.


So what's up for the day? Steady light to moderate rain will continue through this afternoon. The low is parked over Oregon and pumping light rain into the area.


This will turn to shower later today and continue through Saturday. This is because the system stalled and rain started later than first thought. The good news is the rain has been on the light side.

We will continue to see rain for the next 36 hours. This will be in the form of showers.

Sunday, it all clears out. High pressure builds in. And it warms up.

Monday, a Santa Ana event and we might even see some 80s.

Tuesday, we will continue warm and nice.

Wednesday is looking dry now. The model that had a weak system with rain, removed it. There may be onshore flow with fog.

This is still way out there, so all may change. In the meantime, we love the nice light rain. Let it come at this rate for a day, as far as I am concerned, we need it.

Have a great day.                        

Enjoy the rain.

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