Good Wednesday Morning

By Jack Martin on Feb 28, 2018 at 04:19 PM

Cold morning to start the day with a full moon. Tuesday, we did not get any precipitation to note in SB, but oddly enough it snowed on the 101 between Woodland Hills and Thousand Oaks Tuesday afternoon.

Today we will have a cool day, with highs likely not even making it to 60.

Tonight cold, and freezing in many areas.

Then there is Thursday. It will start out fine, but the low pressure system will track our way. Prefrontal shower may start up on the central coast later morning and SB later in the afternoon. These will be light and not really cause any concern.

Thursday night into early Friday morning is when the real rain begins. Looks now like the system is slowing down a little. So rain will likely start after midnight in SB. With this rain, we will have good totals especially on south facing mountains (yes that means Santa Barbara and Montecito.)  Looks like 1 to 3 inches are likely. There is a ray of good news. The weather service has backed down the intensity to 1/4 to 1/3 of an inch per hour. This is good news for Montecito.

You will hear creeks flowing, but flooding should not be an issue.

Rain will fall constantly for around a 4 to 5 hour period, then turn to showery. Showers will likely occur through Saturday now. As we turn the corner into Saturday, you will see sun and clouds, with only a few showers.

This system overall is one to watch.

At this point the weather service has a pretty good Handel on it. As it gets closer, we will watch.

Thursday morning forecast is the one to read, if you are concerned. Of course I will be up early reading the forecast discussions.

Here is the easy reading forecast.

Beyond Saturday, we are looking at dry weather through at least Tuesday. A weak system may approach Wednesday, but day 8 is way too far out to talk about.

Have a great day, and I will have your forecast by 6am Thursday for the event....

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