Good Monday Morning

By Jack Martin on Feb 20, 2018 at 03:55 PM

Good Monday morning,

What a difference 1 day makes. It is chillier out there this morning, but you have not seen anything yet.

Take a look at the satellite picture. See those white puffs coming down the coast. Well that’s the cold air.

As you can see it has not arrived yet. This is an inside slider, which means there is very little moisture with it. That, combined with cold north wind means no precept for Santa Barbara. There will be some snow in the local mountains, mainly on north faces, 2 to 4 inches. Santa Barbara Mountains will block any moisture along the coast; however, it is possible to see a rare sight of snow over the top of the hills.

Talking about cold, we will have freezing temps almost everywhere overnight for the next 2 days. Freeze will get into Montecito. All areas will see frost on the roofs on Tuesday morning. Mountains will get as cold as 10 degrees and with a wind chill it will be like -10 degrees. Bottom line, it will be bitter cold the next few days.

As far as rain goes, It does not look good.

There is another system dropping down from the north Wednesday night into Thursday. This one looks just like today’s system. Cold and moisture starved.

This week will feel like winter, but without rain.

Friday and Saturday a slight warm up.

Sunday into next week looks to stay the end of February approaches . It is not looking good for rain. Our only hope is a March Miracle.

The mud in Montecito will freeze the next 2 nights. You can ice skate on the mud.

Ok that’s it for today. Break out those winter clothes. You will need them....

Farmers will be in panic mode the next 2 days, saving crops.

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