Thursday Forecast

By Jack Martin on Feb 15, 2018 at 04:16 PM

Good Thursday morning, 

Rain is gone. Sunshine and warmer temps will take over through Saturday.

The rain Wednesday morning was a nice sight, even if it really did not amount to much. The rain lingered around thanks to the cut off low that was over the coastal waters.

This has moved south and east, so we are left with the next dome of high pressure.

The satellite pictures tell it all.

Today will be pleasant and warm, sunshine and low 70s.

Tonight our friends in Ventura south will need to sleep with ear plugs. The wind will come up tonight and blow 50 miles an hour in the mountains and 35 to 40 coastal.

Yes another Santa Ana event.....

Friday will be more of the same wind in Santa Ana wind areas. Santa Barbara, however, will be sunny with no wind.

Saturday, the winds go away. Also onshore flow returns in the afternoon.

Sunday cools down with some fog in the morning. Sunday night, a weak system rolls in with drizzle or light rain over night and Monday morning.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be unsettled at this point, and much cooler. Then, sunshine should return the second half of the week.

Ok, get ready for a warmer and sunnier next few days.

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