Wednesday Forecast

By Jack Martin on Jan 03, 2018 at 09:56 PM

Good Wednesday morning,

It looks like our weather should stay fairly dry today. If you look at the satellite picture. The cut-off low that was 1000 mile off LA yesterday, and is now 600 from point conception and moving northeast.

This is not good for southern California, if you want rain. It looks like the best chance of rain will be in Santa Ynez and SLO. If we get anything it will be late in the afternoon or tonight.

Thursday will be a transition day, and dry.

Friday there is another weak system that is going to do the same as todays system. Rain just to the north of us. Possibly brushing us with very little moisture.

Now let’s talk about the third system.

This one is looking much stronger. The only issue with this one, is when will it arrive.  Models are still all over the board on when rain will start. One is saying Sunday night, but all models are showing rain and heavier on Tuesday night. This will be the first big rain of the year for us. Depending on exactly how much sub-tropical moisture is tapped into.

So, looks like we will stay mostly dry the rest of the week. Then next week is the real rain maker. We will see how much we are talking about as the week gets closer to the end.

Ok get out there and make it happen.

Jack Martin

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