Good News, and Not So Good News

By Jack Martin on Dec 14, 2017 at 05:26 PM

Today, we will be clear of the smoke. It will be the best day in sometime.

The Santa Ana winds ramp up today, but will not affect us in Santa Barbara. Fire will continue, you will just see more of it, because the smoke is blowing away from us.

Friday, we will have some onshore winds, which is a good thing because the air will moisten. There is a cut-off low that is going to squeeze into the area.

Now the not so good news, behind the front on Friday night and Saturday, they are talking about a northwest wind event. This is not what we want, because the fire can possibly blow back to Montecito and down into the homes and population.

Remember plan C on the news last night. This is why they were talking about this. We will need to watch the wind and wind changes Friday night and Saturday. They are talking about up to 20 mile an hour winds from the north/northwest on Saturday.

If you know, our ocean is to the south. A north or northwest wind in our area is prone to create wind on us, like a northeast wind does in the south.

We will watch the forecast closely and see what develops.

Don’t want to alarm. We will have 36 hours, before any changes. Let’s see what happen.

We will know better on Friday morning.

Here is the forecast for the area in Montecito.



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