Monday Fire Weather Update

By Action Roofing on Dec 11, 2017 at 05:28 PM

Monday morning,

The fire is now upon us in SB hills. The good news is it is well a top the hills. Fire is on the back side of the hills for the most part. Of course, smoke is still upon us, however the good news is the winds are calm here. More good news is the northeast winds will turn southwest this afternoon.

So how does that help?

  1. The air quality will get better later this morning
  2. The fire will blow back on itself. "Call it a natural fire break!!"

Tonight, the wind does go back to the northeast and we will have the same switch back Tuesday afternoon to the south west. (This is for Santa Barbara area only.)

In Ventura and south, the northeast winds will continue. There will blow 25 to 40 miles an hour In the hills.

The only good in site:

Friday there will be an inside slider. This will bring back the onshore flow. That is the best news. The moisture will go up and calm the fire. For the record, there is no downhill wind support to push the fire into Santa Barbara. Where the fire is in view in Summerland, it is way up in the hills. It is not threating the coastal areas at this point..

That's all the good news I can give for Santa Barbara.

Sadly, the smoke is now moving north. Santa Ynez, Lompoc, Santa Maria, SLO and areas to the north are all being affected now .

Have a good day , or make the best of it.

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