Wow, Fire and Wind in Ventura

By Jack Martin on Dec 06, 2017 at 10:52 PM

Another rough day in Southern California. It seems there are fires everywhere. A new one just broke out by the Getty center and the 405 freeway. This is going to be a commuter’s nightmare, due to This and numerous other fires with freeways closures. I think there are now 5 major fires in Southern California area. ... jeez

Well the only positive news that I can give for today is the winds will calm for the day.

Unfortunately, tonight and overnight a strong high pressure is going to kick up the Santa Ana winds again. Winds from the northeast should climb to 70 miles per hour in the mountains, and coastal areas to 50 miles per hour.

This condition will last through Thursday.

Friday will still be windy, but not as bad. The wind and Santa Ana event is the only weather to report.

Cold nights with days in 70s to 80. No rain in sight.

We will hope the fire crews can get a handle on some of these fires today.

Sorry for anyone that has lost their home. We have seen fires like this in Santa Barbara. Very similar to the 1990 painted cave fire.

Be safe everyone.

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