Holy Heat Wave

By Jack Martin on Oct 24, 2017 at 06:34 PM


3:30 AM and it is almost 80 degrees here is Santa Barbara .and it is 90 in Camarillo right now.... You know it is going to be a hot day if you wake up to 90 degrees at 3:30 am.

Yesterday of course broke records everywhere. SB had a record of 102 and Camarillo 106, just to name a few.

I think we will break the records again today. The heat wave is one of the hottest I have ever seen here. Thank God for air conditioning.

I am pretty strict about when we turn on A/C, but I had to turn it on at 3 am.  It was Over 80 in my House.

Santa Anna winds today are going to be strong. Lots of wind and heat for Ventura and south.

For SB and everywhere north it will just be hot! Everyone will hit the triple digits again.

Wednesday will also be hot, but the Santa Anna will start to break down. Expect a little cooler, but still crazy hot in the 90's everywhere.

Thursday and Friday a bit of a break, if that what you call it. 80's and 90’s is a break!!

The weekend more of the same.

The next break will come next week. Bring back the 70's.

In the meantime.... Shade, air conditioning and lots of water.... I feel bad for my guys on the roofs.

Bring a roofer a Popsicle!

Stay hydrated...

Make the day as good as you can, with all this heat!

-Jack Martin

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