Wednesday, July 5th

By Jack Martin on Jul 05, 2017 at 03:12 PM

Good morning, have you missed me??

I hope everyone enjoyed the Tuesday off and the fireworks. I watched them from the harbor. It was a great show. Now it is back to work Wednesday.

Where there was fog in the forecast for the past week, it is being replaced with south flow. You can see the subtropical clouds drifting up from the south. This is the first sign of the monsoonal flow this summer.

Mountains and deserts to the south will have a fair chance of thunderstorms. For us there is a slight chance tonight.

Any way you look at the weather forecast, the heat is back. We are going to have hot weather through Saturday. Expect 80s and 90s along the coast and 100s inland.

Summer has arrived.

Enjoy or hide.....

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Your crew and the entire staff of Action are great! Thanks so much for helping us out.
Gerry & Ann