Summer Solstice

By Jack Martin on Jun 21, 2017 at 08:26 PM

Good morning,

Yes here it is. Summer has arrived. It really feels like it out there, especially if you are in the valleys and desert areas.

Here are some fun facts about summer solstice

Today, here in SB will be a pleasant 80 degrees. Just go a few mile inland and 90s to 100 is likely.

Thursday, the coastal areas will start with some fog. With heat continuing inland. Looks like summer heat will continue through the weekend. Desert areas will be around 110. Coastal areas remain in the 80s.

Saturday of course is the parade in Santa Barbara.  It always promises lots of excitement. The weather will not disappoint. I expect little to no fog in SB. Everyone will be sporting there light summer clothes at the parade.

So to sum it up, summer and long days are here for a while. Hope you are ready for it... Enjoy! Dint forget to pack hats, sunscreen and water.

If you have a spare 90 seconds, check this out. Fairbanks Alaska sunrise to sunset today

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