Great Weather This Week

By Jack Martin on Mar 07, 2017 at 04:21 PM

Are you ready for some summer weather. >>>

Where Monday was nice, it was still very chilly.

Today you are waking to cooler weather. Valleys are really chilly with around 32 to start the day. That will quickly change. Today will be 10 to 15 degrees warmer then Monday. Everyone should reach the 70 mark, with a few areas in the mid 70s.

Wednesday even gets better, with 3 to 6 degrees warmer. 70s and some low 80s in valleys.

Thursday will feel like summer. Just around everyone will hit the 80 mark, some even the mid-80s.

Friday will be very much like Thursday. Maybe just a few degrees cooler, but still around 80.

The weekend even looks good. Not as warm, but spring is in the air.

Speaking of that, Saturday night we put our clocks ahead one hour. That's great for the extra hour of light at night. Even better for Lynn and Jack, because we will maybe get up a little later in the morning.

Enjoy the fantastic weather. No rain in site for the next week at least...

- Jack Martin

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Thank you for a job well done and for being such nice people that I knew I could trust. I am also very grateful for the senior discount. Thank you so much.
Muriel Taggart