Are You Ready ?!?

By Jack Martin on Feb 16, 2017 at 05:52 PM

As I have been reporting for about a week now, this strong next system. This day has arrived. If you look at the link, there’s a rainbow of colors on the map.

This is, because we have all kinds of warnings and watches to come in the next 36 hour

Everything it on track. It is going to be a crazy Friday. Rain will be like many of us have never seen.  For those of us that remember 2004 and 1995.This will be a storm like those. Every day the weather service keeps creeping up the totals. Now they are saying 5 to 10 inches in the hills and 4 to 6 coastal Santa Barbara.

Let's start with today.

It looks like we have until noon, or shortly after before rain starts. This will be a moderate rain into tonight

After midnight tonight or early Friday morning. The flood gates open. We will see rain for 18 hours, well into Friday night.  It will be heavy, and windy. Painted cave and hill top areas. 60 plus mile an hour winds from the south. Rainfall will be heavy, with rates of one inch per hour. Unlike other storms. The tap will not shut off. It will keep on raining.

Homes in the hills are going to get the wind and rain, sideways....Burn areas. Flooding.... I do not think camping at El Cap is a good idea .

Friday daylight will allow us to watch Mother Nature in Action....

Saturday will bring us showers...

Sunday clearing... maybe I will get on my new bike ....Paulo!!!

Monday another storm. Looking stronger now.. but nowhere near Friday's system.

Tuesday night into Wednesday, still another system.

Lake Cachuma is at 17.8 % today... just watch that number climb over the next week.

As I mentioned a month ago... the drought is over......

Hang on, take a deep breath... it is going to be a wild ride....

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