Wednesday Update

By Jack Martin on Feb 01, 2017 at 10:32 PM

Hump day, transition day. We will feel and see the changes.

No real changes to the forecast from yesterday. We will see high clouds move in today ahead of the low pressure system. High pressure is moving east and will be replaced by the low. This has been spinning around the coastal waters all week. It is now on the move, however it is moving more northward.

What this means is we will not get a lot of rain. This has been advertised the past few days, so it is nothing new.

The system will mainly affect SLO, Santa Ynez and Santa Barbara. Ventura and south will only see showers. Rain will start overnight from the north to the south.

Rain will begin in SLO early Thursday morning and move south. Santa Barbara around mid-morning. This will not be a big system. Rain will also fall into Thursday night. With showers Friday.

Don't expect more then 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch with the first system.

Ventura and LA will have the best chance of rain Thursday night into Friday.

Clear but cool Saturday and Sunday. Super bowl Sunday will be dry during the day, but cool.

Sunday night into Monday, the next system rolls in. It does look like this will give us a better rain. Stronger system that will move further south. Total are still not clear, but an inch is possible.

Stay tuned. We need more rain… For the record we are around 160% to 180% of normal for this time of year... That makes us all happy.

We just want much more. Feb and March are good rain months also. Let’s hope to double what we have now...

                                      Enjoy the rain

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