Dry Weather For The Next Week

By Jack Martin on Jan 24, 2017 at 05:13 PM

Good Tuesday morning,

What a wild last 5 days in my life. I thought we would start with the rain totals over the last 5 days. They are very impressive.


I have not compiled the totals for the month of Jan, but it is quite positive.

A break will be a good thing, but not too long we hope. We still need to fill lake Cachuma , which is growing slowly. The good news is Gibraltar is at 83% and once it is full all the extra water goes into Cachuma.

Today -There is still a slight chance of showers, but they should be confined to the mountains. There is a definite chill in the air this morning. 

Wednesday - Very cold day, freezing in the valley.

Thursday - Sunny and cold. 

Friday - An inside slider. This will not bring rain, only winds. We will have a Santa Anna wind event Friday morning in the usual areas, Ventura and south.

Saturday - Sunny and warmer. Off shore flow. We will actually see normal temps.

Sunday - A little warmer yet. It will be a nice dry, sunny weekend. The first one in a while.

Monday - The warmest day in some time....

Beyond that, stay tuned... enjoy the clear skies and sunshine. It is going to be pretty out there, after all the rains in the past 5 days.                    Have a great Day!

- Jack


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Kimberly Rockwell