By Jack Martin on Jan 17, 2017 at 04:01 PM

Ok this is the wow factor for rain. It is looking like all the models are falling into place for quite a wet period, with 3 storms aimed at us over the next 5 days.

First Storm - 1/2 to 1in coastal, 1 to 3 mountains

Second storm - 1 to 2in coastal, 2 to 4 mountains

Third storm - 1 1/2 to 3in coastal, Up to 5 inches mountains

Quick forecast this morning, because it is a busy day...

First system arrives Wednesday at 4 pm to central coast and SB later in the night, and LA for the commute.

Rain will linger into Thursday, with clearing in the afternoon. A quick break, before storm 2 arrives Friday morning. This one will last a little longer and bring showers into Saturday.

Another short break, before the biggest one arrives Sunday night into Monday. This will pack a punch or a knock down with heavy rain and snows...

All in all we could see up to 5 inches coastal and 10 mountains with these 3 storms combined.

Thank you, Desalination plant.

Every time we get it up and running we break the drought. It is like bringing your umbrella or not .......If any city decision makers are out there, please do not scrap this again.. get it up and producing...

Enjoy the rain it is going to be another active period, and amen for that..... Ok, off to the races. See you on the streets, Jack is back in Action with 3 hours of sleep

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