Rain Today

By Jack Martin on Jan 04, 2017 at 04:19 PM

Ugh computer models ... it is a love hate relationship. They are great when they are right, and frustrating when they flip flop.

Let's start with what we know for sure.

Rain is in the forecast for at least the next 24 hours. It has been raining north of us for some time. Rocky Butte Mountain has received 3 inches in the last 12 hours, and should double that today. 


Rain will start up for us by 10am or there about. Then spread to the south. Heaviest rain will be over SLO and Santa Barbara counties. Rain totals will drop off the further south you go. It should be a pretty good rain with coastal areas seeing around an inch.

Mountains will be well above that... some mountains like Rocky Butte will see up to 6 inches. Rain tapers into Thursday.

Friday is and has always been dry.....

Now the models differ on timing and insensitivity of the rains. It does look like Saturday will be a dry day with just increasing clouds.

Saturday night the rain starts to the north. One model suggests a huge plum of moisture over SLO.

Now this is also where the models differ. They are now suggestion that the next system, once advertised as the big one might just be an average rain....

We will wait and see what really does happen... at this point rain should start for us Sunday into Monday.

Stay tuned… more to come

Enjoy the rain!

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