Interesting Weather Ahead

By Jack Martin on Jan 03, 2017 at 04:40 PM

Good morning from weather headquarters,

I have been reading and studying the forecast for a number of days now. I have decided at this point, we have no good idea on the bullseye of the heaviest rain or how long it will really last. Bottom line it will pour, somewhere between Monterey and LA. Really I think it will hit all areas at some point. The issue is the computer use small stations over the pacific and then, tries to track the speed and area the systems will move. This is not easy to pinpoint until it gets closer.

What we do know is the first round of rain will be heaviest north of us. Looks like Paso and SLO will get the bulk of the rain through Wednesday. They are looking at over an inch along the coast and up to 5 inches in the mountains.

Rain will sag south as soon as tonight. Santa Barbara will likely get some, but the heavier rain will hold off until later Wednesday.

Now the issue is how long it will rain. Thursday night is likely, and then we will be dry for Friday.

The tricky part is the weekend storm. Models still struggle with exactly where the bullseye will be. Where it does the heaviest rain will be in the surrounding area.

What it looks like we will have a very wet pattern Saturday into Monday.

Heaviest rain starting north to south, arriving in SB Saturday night.

This will have good south flow, meaning SB will get hammered. Depending on how long it hangs over us. This will tell us how much rain we will see.

Bottom line, it will be a rainy week with clouds most of the time. Rain will be heavy at times.

Hang in there, the computers will get this right at some point with in the next few days.

Needless to say, it will be good for drought stricken California.

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